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Purple Cabbage Abstract

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This isn't actually painted.

I boiled some purple cabbage for St. Patrick's Day ()cooked cabbage is classic Irish, and I like purple) and I noticed the juice on my plate was very purple. And when I put some lemon pepper on it, I noticed that the parts where a grain of lemon powder hit were very pink.

So I wondered if it was an acid/base thing, and after dinner I put baking soda on it, and got a blue/green.

And then I sponged the juice onto some sheets of watercolor paper and got busy with lemon juice and baking soda (sometimes mixed with water). Yow, foaming art!

Uploaded by exceive at 02:01 on 20 March


New WebComic, sort of

Posted 07:00
Tue 02 March
by exceive

A new picture (or something) three times per week.

Will there be characters? Maybe. We'll see.

Will there be stories? Stranger things have happened. Not here, because this just started, so nothing at all (and thus nothing stranger) has happened.

But there will be a picture, and maybe words, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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